Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Updated: Lest We Forget WHY American's are SO Upset about Ground Zero Mosque, MUST WATCH VIDEO!

There's been SO MUCH talk lately about the Ground Zero Mosque....lest we forget WHY Patriotic Americans are so UPSET about putting this jihadist victory monument that spits in our faces and dances on the graves of all those who lost their lives, you owe it to yourself and the murdered peoples' memories to watch this Video!  I know, it's a bit long, but it's VERY CURRENT and spot on!

Thanks to my good YouTube Friend for sending it to me!  I'm even MADDER now with Obummer playing politics over this!  He will roast in HELL, along with the murderers and all those who support this EVIL!  Make it go Viral!  What a wonderful job of Video editing that shows the true nature of what we are up against.

God Rest the Souls of all the murdered Patriots, and God will deal with the lying
jihadist loving obama.  There is a special place in hell for him and his duplicitous ilk! 
 I know this in my heart, and so do you, dear readers.
God Bless, your friend,   Amusing Bunni

UPDATE....UPDATE!  If you weren't mad before READ THIS!

Hot off the presses over at Gateway Pundit!  You won't believe it,
well, maybe you will, considering what a terrorist sympathizer this pResident is!
He really needs to be impeached over this!


trencherbone said...

Islamic child-rape, torture and murder cover-up...

Next week is the sixth anniversary of the Islamic child-rape and torture orgy and massacre in the school at Beslan. Yet for six years the mainstream media have covered up who was responsible, with all mention of Muslims being censored.

This is of particular concern because there is evidence that jihadists are planning similar attacks against American schools.

So it's time to set the record straight, not only about the identity of these sadistic murderous savages, but also about the Islamic ideology that approves of pedophilic attacks on children as a way of hitting their 'najis kafir' parents. (All non-Muslims are 'najis' - literally 'filth'.)

Of course every culture produces rapists and child molesters, but in non-Muslim societies these are usually isolated loners. In contrast, Muslim rapists and pedophiles are well-organised, and these predators often hunt their prey in rape-gangs in a tradition of razzia going back to the 'prophet'. The reason for this cultural difference is that pedophilia and rape are abhorrent in civilized societies, but are acceptable to Muslims because the perps are dutifully following Mohammed's example - and Mohammed is the 'Perfect Man': a pedophile, torturer, rapist and mass-murderer.

Child-rape, as well as being a permitted means of satisfying the jihadists' religiously repressed lusts, also degrades, violates and humiliates the hated 'najis kafir' children and their parents, thus asserting the supremacy of Islam and Muslims.

Of course not all Muslims do this sort of thing. However all Muslims (presumably including the 'peaceful' Ground Zero Sufis) revere Mohammed as their role model, and as such have no religious or moral doubts about ANY course of action that increases the power of Islam.

Could everyone please use their blogs, networks and forums to ensure that this horrendous Islamic attack is not airbrushed out of history by the MSM. Full details:

Teresa said...

Excellent video Bunni!! It shows exactly why we are ticked off at the proposition of a mosque being built so close to ground zero. I'll be passing this along.

Amusing Bunni said...

Trencherbone, thanks for your information. The horrible muzzies that do these things are worse than scum...thanks for letting us know!

Hi Theresa, Thanks, I"m happy you watched and will pass along.
I hope your week os off to a good start.

What Makes Us Right said...

Thanks for the post Bunni, we should all be encouraged to watch this every year to remember! People are just to quick to forget!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi WMUR! You are quite welcome, I will be posting around Sept. 11th, and featuring on my YouTube Channel. People have very short memories, and it's an awful thing.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I take a much harsher stand on all of this. I'll keep those feelings private. But I'll say this. If a person in this country causes trouble and has a Green Card ... DEPORT! Oh and send Obama with them!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Odie! I'm not saying all I really feel either!
They should all be deported, starting w/ obummer lst!