Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too good to pass up!

..in perusing the "In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" blog, I came across some spiffy photo-shops like the one above.

Over at Hot Air!, Allahpundit has got his thing for Sarah Palin but, to be fair, it does not even approach the unhinged animus I feel for our imperious, insensitive FLOTUS. So, needless to say, any time I find these tidbits, I pounce.

Amongst the collection of fine graphics is the work of our own lovely and talented "No Sheeples" who nobly cast the POTUS OBama in 18th Century finery.

..prompting one commenter over at my blog to accurately declare, "that's one ugly-assed queen."


USA_Admiral said...

I am glad you liked it!

Thanks for the mention too.

k6whp said...

..my/our pleasure!