Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spine for a Spine

Saudi judge considers paralysis punishment - Yahoo! News

Everyone has heard of an eye for an eye, well now the Saudi's have taken this to the next level. Apparently, a Saudi judge has been asking hospitals if they will intentionally damage a young man's spinal cord, as punishment for attaching another man with a cleaver. Saudi Arabia enforces strict Islamic Law which basically calls for punishments which fit the crime. Adulterers are often stoned to death, while thieves often have their limbs chopped off.  As of this weekend, there has been only one hospital who is actually considering this.  Amnesty International is obviously stepping in, but I am not sure they will be able to prevent these wacko's from going forward with their plans.

After reading this article, I started to wonder what would happen here in the US, if this type of law was imposed on some of our more notorious crooks.  Below are a few of my favorites
  1. Rod Blagojevich-  Sentenced to hours of watching episodes of the apprentice, starring RB himself
  2. Mel Gibson- 5 minutes in cell block C in Attica
  3. Marion Berry- Required to snort a pound of coke off of a hookers smelly butt
  4. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would be required to spend some QT with some real racist so they understood what it was actually all about.
  5. Bill Clinton- Provided some soap and water to hand wash Monica's dress; apparently she cannot afford the quarter for the wash
  6. Nancy Pelosi-  Give her a mirror!
  7. Ted Kennedy- Teach swim classes
  8. and finally....Barry Obama would_________  
I think I will let you fill in the blank on this one


    Amusing Bunni said...

    Obummer would have to be butt fu*&ked with a rusty cleaver.

    Seriously, those muzzies are off their rocker.

    Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

    I read the story as well but you ask to fill in the blank.

    Seeing as how the story is about spinal mutilation and then thinking obama I ask;

    Does not one need a spine in the first place?

    What Makes Us Right said...

    Christopher..go have a great point!