Friday, August 6, 2010

A Special Request From The War Planner

In June 2009, a website owner contacted me to request a little Photoshoppery along the lines of “Barie Obaminette” and now this from The War Planner: “Someone needs to Photoshop™ Obama with powder-white skin and a wig and beauty mark in the vein of Marie Antoinette. And plaster it in subways and buildings across America”.

Your wish is my command TWP. Liberate this graphic and use it in whatever manner you deem appropriate.

Don't blame me if you need brain bleach after looking at the pic.


The War Planner said...

..oh my God! This is awsome! I cannot wait to get home and unleash this on/within a post!

Your art is terrific -- Is thee a MO version in the works?

Amusing Bunni said...

That's very cool, No Sheeples! it's so fitting.

Supi said...

Love your art. So true!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Very Cool No Sheeples, Go get em.

What Makes Us Right said...

I go away for the weekend, and I come back to Obummers new look!

Love it