Monday, August 9, 2010

Liberal Ideas ......

Does this remind you of our Liberal friends ?


The War Planner said...


One of my favorite aphorisms.

Since February, 2009 when the stimulus spend-o-rama was passed, there have been -- literally -- daily figures, statistics, reports, and other tidbits of information supporting the thesis that it has been a monumental failure.

To date, not only have these negative numbers and facts come out, but even job number revisions have been issued that wipe our what were thought to have been previous glimmers of hope.

The 9.5% unemployment figure -- while dropping below the horrific 10% boundary -- is due to the record number of people leaving the workforce as opposed to being re-employed.

..and, every time one of these juicy little turds appear on the fresh green lawn of daily events, the MSM spins them with the adverb "unexpectedly".

Thus, we can see that not only -- according to Einstein's maxim -- is this administration suffused with "insanity" but also their complicit friends in the knee-pad media as well.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

TWP, take a breath man. Your comment's longer than the post ... LOL.

Their heroes, the commies, around the world are failing at the share the wealth and the Libs just don't see it. They think the reason it's failing everywhere is because they weren't the ones that tried it.