Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Sayin..

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Dreary, pedantic, boring, so 15 years ago, leftist, bum-osculating, sack of festering tripe. Beloved of NPR and the pseudo-hip of the left. Old guys with pony tails with ex-hippy chick girl friends who have terminally sagging bullet breasts and who drive SMART cars, Nissan Cubes, and tricked out Priuses, and who think subtlety is sticking their heads under the business end of a pile driver, read this tripe:

The rest of us, tired of the drool-inducing, pathetically old, stilted, sledgehammer rhetoric of some sclerotic leftist, post-adolescent cartoonist whose heyday was 40 years ago, and who thought representing a VPOTUS and a POTUS as a talking feather was scaling the heights of hipness, opt for an artist whose characters are light, airy, piquant, and whose message is adroit and delivered with shadings and texture, read this:

..so, you got some jingle in your jeans? Hit Chris Muir's tip jar and tell Garry Trudeau to put some sand in his Vaseline jar and beat it.

No vested pecuniary interest here; I'd just like to tell Trudeau to die and go to Hell with a hard-on.

..Bravo One-Six-Zero..out.


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Amusing Bunni said...

He's a stupid hack, War Planner. What is remotely funny about this?
I say bring back Calvin & Hobbs, and more Snoopy Cartoons.