Monday, August 9, 2010

In the rear view mirror (finally?)..

..I am not stealing any thunder here, but The Obama Fail blog does a good job of tying the ribbons on MOORie Antoinette's little sashay around Spain this past fortnight. A lotta references on how unseemly this little escapade really was.

Also, this is an unreserved plug for that site. It is a work-a-day chronicle of the crap that is being perpetrated by this POSOTUS and his clown troupe (and FLOTUS) almost daily.

You owe it to yourself to become familiar with this site and review it on 1 November 2010 before you vote Obama's surrogates out as well as that wonderful night in November 2012 when we will get to throw him out on his hatchet-ass too!



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Did she leave her hair at home ?

Teresa said...

Odie, she hid her hair in between her butt cheeks. She is quite fuggly lookin.