Friday, August 13, 2010

Global Warming Lie: Lord Monkton Refutes Prof. John P. Abraham

I found this piece over at Barking Spider , a fellow blogger and friend from Britain and knowing we are going to see a push for damaging environmental legislation from a lame-duck congress I thought this deserved further sunlight as to just how much a lie this is in the global warming religion

The video embedded is the introduction to a lengthy 6-part series but well worth further distribution. The introduction is priceless alone. If you wish to debate the issue with "the believers" then arm yourself with the facts. I realize time is precious so please re-visit to view all the links or save to favorites for future viewing.

The following narrative is that of Barking Spider himself as he said it best;

Remember Professor John P. Abraham of the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota?

The one who made a video about "climate change" which was full of inaccuracies and downright lies as preached by the AGW Church of Semi-Religious Bollocks?

The arsehole who debunked and bad-mouthed Lord Christopher Monckton in the aforementioned video and quoted his "warmist" dogma without producing a shred of proof?

The very same cunt who wouldn't and couldn't reply to Lord Monckton's 84-page, 500-point letter without incriminating himself?
This arrogant twat

Now Lord Monckton has responded to Abraham on video and refuted everything Abraham said in his bogus video.


The War Planner said...

Lord Monckton is T.H.E. B.O.M.B.!

..thanks for posting this; something to enjoy with my morning bagel and tea.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Nice start to the day War Planner and TGIF!

Barking Spider said...

Great stuff, Christopher, thanks, mate. ;-)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

My pleasure Barking and Thank You for getting this info out!

Barking Spider said...

By the way, Christopher, if you want to embed the whole playlist, I left the embed code and link for you over at your place..... blogger comments won't allow me to leave them here.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Cheers Barking, recieved and understood.