Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Dirt Behind the Mosque Money, Fox Video

Watch this video and learn about the Funds behind the Ground Zero Mosque.  This "developer" plunked down almost FIVE MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH!  Where is the money coming from?  The guy was a waiter a few years ago.  Follow the money trail of  Sharif El-Gamal, must see below, too.

From the Great YouTube Channel of The Founding Patriots.  They also have a website,

This gets worse every day!  Thank Goodness for Fox 5 News in NY for investigating
and reporting this.  From your Friend,  Amusing Bunni.

PS:  After this outrage, head over to my place for some cute
video's, we need the diversion.


They Say/We Say said...

Not to mention, Bloomberg has money invested in the Mid East--to expand his business--!

Amusing Bunni said...

They all are such liars and crooks, TS/WS!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Bloomberg probably got a cut too.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

It sounds as though they are setting us up for Sharia finace here in the U.S. being NYC is our default finacial center.

By buying up properties in and around Wall Street they seem intent on building a community and by enlargening it they create influence.

If one looks to Dearborn, MI and it's HUGE arab population and the infuence it wields one can see what they are doing there in NYC.

This is dangerous beyound the mosque itself.