Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The old Three-Card Monty..

The debates are coming up and you can expect to get a good dose of the old Three Card Monty when that lip-flapping liar gets his turn. Hell, you hit the comment threads on a lot of the political blogs and articles and you will see the comment stream festooned with this clown's sycophantic minions pumping his "four million jobs created" Bravo Sierra - the latter day reincarnation of the old "saved or created" mantra. Anyway, here's a little primer that you can use to study up for that first debate on October 3rd. It moves pretty fast but, hey, it's free so you can replay it as many times as you want to get it down pat.

..so, there it is! Oh, and for your reference, here's some Bravo Sierra:

And here's some more:


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Ron Russell said...

Very interesting! The sum of two prime numbers is 92 and the product of the same two numbers is 1387 and the two numbers share no common diget. What would obama say the numbers are in 2013, his first year out of office, assuming the Mayan Calendar of the Mesoamerican Indians of 500 BCE is not correct.