Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1980 = 2102?

Some remembrances as to why this November might be reminiscent of that memorable November 32 years ago.

In November, most of us will be going into that voting booth with one thing on our minds: put the best person in place to solve the problems of this economy. This is an almost identical scenario to 1980. We had a weak-kneed POTUS and an economy in bad shape. (Although it was not as bad as this one.) We have been beset for four years with a media that has been humping this POTUS’s leg for his entire term. We cannot get a break as they still persist in polishing this turd.

The alternative is a good, honest, clean living family man who does not need this job, could care less about the power it brings, but has volunteered out of the goodness of his heart and through love of this country to try to lead us out of this dreary wilderness. (Think about it. What is Romney’s motivation? He could live the rest of his life comfortably irrespective of who was steering the ship the next four years.)

On a conservative blog when I postulated that Romney is in the same position as Reagan, some TrueCon outgassed that Romney is no conservative, cannot arouse the base and, therefore, the 1980 analogy does not apply.

To which I respond Bullshit!

The people’s main motivation back in 1980 was to rid ourselves of that crapsack Carter. The majority who knew Reagan voted for him, not because he was a true conservative but rather because he was a good and decent man. After the debates, they agreed he was up to the job. Doubt me? Then please provide a valid rationale for the so-called Reagan Democrats. Surely those folks would have preferred other than a rock-ribbed conservative. All of us back then suffered under a suffocating media blanket. The only outlets were the alphabet networks who heard no evil, saw no evil, and spoke no evil of Carter. There was no “new media” then. Consequently we all sat in our homes and seethed at Carter’s jelly-kneed fecklessness. We went into those polling booths — true conservative, centrist, Reagan Democrat — in a blind rage and the results were memorable.

Anyway, whatever happens in November happens. if Romney loses then I believe we have gone past the tipping point where most Americans will want the nanny state to raise them, clothe them, feed them, and wipe their asses all the way to the grave.

However, I believe Romney will will and will win handily. My belief is anecdotal to be sure. No D+10 skewed polls; no babbling talking heads expelling endless persiflage, no super hip Pantload Preezy hangin’ with the homeys.

Just me, my seething, 80s retro anger, and my belief that the American public — not the mirror-fogging mouth-breathers, the good, common, decent folk — do not like what has happened to all of us over the last four years and want to do something about it.



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He's oughta here! NOvember!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I only differ in that ALL knew Reagan was a true Conservative as there was and still is plenty of video and audio evidence to that fact.

This is where I animately agree with Rush Limbaugh.

That being, when true conservatism is communicated properly, and not twisted or hidden by said conservative, it will always win the day.

Romney did very well in his VP pick of Paul Ryan in this regard and now is the time for both to speak as plainly, but just as honestly as conservatives, people are hungry for it.

If both can find their "gonads" to do say and do what needs to be said and done, well we might have a chance.

Ron Russell said...

I remember election nite 1980. Was living in Little Rock and in the Home Improvement business. Great party that nite---booze and babes. Our business took off the following year after Reagan got going. I see many parallels between then and now.