Friday, October 26, 2012


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trailbee said...

I dropped my Republican status earlier this year, right after John Boehner did another one of his stupid tear-jerkers, without accomplishing anything-again. I became an Independent voter.
BUT - I always knew that I would vote for Romney because of something I had learned from Stephen Covey, while reading his books. These two men knew each other. Mitt Romney has the exact same demeanor that Stephen Covey had. Covey taught us self-discipline, personal responsibility, generosity and calmness. Mitt Romney has that same character.
All the time that Romney worked through his campaign and didn't get upset or arrogant, and drove people crazy, I realized people just didn't know him and were expecting something different-the same attitude they were seeing in the troll.
Bill Whittle said it took him a while to get used to Romney. I sure hope the rest of the voters will have gotten the message and big picture by now. It's getting late.