Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life Site News: Obama Admin Sends $395K to Tennessee Planned Parenthood...

your tax dollars hard at work!
The Obama administration has sent a family planning grant of $395,000 to a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Memphis, Tennessee.
Congressman Steve Cohen (D 9th District TN) said: 

[...]“Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region has been helping Memphis and Shelby County residents get the health care they need to lead happier, healthier lives for years,” said Congressman Cohen.  “These new federal funds will help ensure the Title X Family Planning Program reaches those who need help the most in underserved communities.” 
Allow me translate this for you.  "Happier" means killing your baby and "underserved communities" means black people.  And they call us racist???

And what business does the federal government have handing out our money in any old way it deems necessary?  This is no more than redistribution of wealth and Marxist cronyism and clearly outside the bounds of the constitution.  What in hell is wrong with the people of this country that they continue to allow this crap to go on? 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Racist bastards.

TeaBagger said...

Think that Obama is not a Marxist?
How about the facts ? Nothing but the facts!
Obama's father was a Harvard graduate, a self professed Communist who was perfectly fine with the government confiscating 100% of your income as long as it went to the better good of the people.

Obama admitted to seeking out communist professors while he was at Harvard. Obama started this whole "Communist sloganed" re-election campaign on May 5th, the birthday of Karl Marx ....

And, you guys want to believe this was unintentional or coincidental?

Was "Fast & Furious" unintentional or coincidental? Is that why Eric Holder refuses to testify about it and is now facing contempt charges?

Everything Obama does it very well thought out and calculated with a motive ..
Voted for TARP
*$787 billion stimulus redistribution bill
*Healthcare bill admittedly about ‘redistributing the wealth’
*Single Payer Healthcare proponent.
*President Obama now also President of GM & Chrysler
*President Obama seizes control of insurance giant AIG
*President Obama is leading America to single payer healthcare
*President Obama seized control of Student Loan industry in order to ‘cut out middle man’
*President Obama seizes control in massive land grabs
*Repeatedly vilifies ‘the rich’
*Obama believes race problems can be solved through redistribution of wealth… he said "race is still an enormous factor in our society. But economics can overcome a lot of racial division."
*Trying to regulate the Internet via FCC
*Forces mortgage co’s to cover people who aren’t paying mortgage (Link)
*Extends unemployment benefits to 99 weeks (Link)
*Told Joe the plumber ‘it’s better when you spread things around.
And how about his Friends & family..
Ever hear the term Guilty by Association?
Family, Friends, Advisors & Administration
*Wife Michelle Obama said “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”
*Jim Wallis, Obama’s spiritual advisor & forced redistribution of wealth advocate
*Van Jones, disgraced Green Jobs Czar & Communist
*Ron Bloom, Manufacturing Czar & anti-free market
*John Holdren, pro-redistribution of wealth
*Andy Stern, SEIU President & redistribution of wealth fan
*Anita Dunn, fan of Chairman Mao
*Mark Lloyd, FCC ‘Diversity Czar’
*Carol Browner, socialist
*Robert Creamer, socialist
*Admittedly sought out ‘Marxist’ professors!
*Admittedly attended ‘socialist conferences!
*Began attending a Marxist church – led by pastor Jeremiah Wright (attended for 20 years)!!!
Left Hawaii for Indonesia, Pakistan a very unusual thing to do, don’t you think?
*Attended a leftist church nicknamed the ‘little red church’ because of its Communist sympathies
His OWN Mother was a Communist sympathizer!
Now you non-brain-dead will be able to draw your own conclusions from the facts. As for you BRAIN-DEAD Moonies, I’m not even going to try to change your minds, you are too far gone in the Brain-Washed department for that!