Saturday, October 16, 2010

The thought occurred to me..

This past week, while picking over the continuing bulletins of the impending Dem debacle in NOvember, like so many, I was following the dramatic end to the 65-day saga of the trapped Chilean miners. As this saga wound down to the marvelously successful conclusion, I couldn't help but notice the presence of Chile's President, Sebastian Pinera, at the rescue sight, his   involvement in the rescue of 33 of his countrymen, and the heartwarming pictures of him embracing the miners one by one as they emerged from what could have been their tomb.

The obvious thought came to mind that this is how a president of a country should react when his citizens are in peril. "Our own" Tim Daniel has richly written on this over at Pajamas Media:

The amazing outcome of the mine crisis was not always assured. On August 5, as the news of the trapped miners reached his desk, Chilean President Sebastián Piñera faced two choices. First, to orchestrate a rescue plan in earnest but in private, out of the public and international eye. Second, to take the tragedy head-on and enlist the best and brightest, and to do so for the world to see. To take a chance in leadership, or to take the road often traveled and not.

..but not wishing to tip Tim's hand, I recommend ambling over there for a truly interesting essay on how a chief executive should act.


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Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


You say "The obvious thought came to mind that this is how a president of a country should react when his citizens are in peril" while this unfolded?

I respectively disagree that it was obvious let alone what a president of any nation should do.
Former president's doing this, OK.

But seriously, when a sitting POTUS even flies over a "trouble spot" they are taken to the woodshed verbally by all for different reasons like they should not have or they should be on the ground. That is the only thing obvious in this.

Add to that, lets say you were a miner here in the U.S. trapped underground for 3 months, when you finally came up for air, would you want Barack Hussein Obama to be one of the first people you saw let alone hugged by?