Thursday, June 28, 2012

The U.S. Takes Another Step Closer to Marxism

And Bush's biggest mistake by far...
 Stolen From the Reaganite Republican (LINK)


freeze said...

It is becoming clearly evident we can’t count on the Supreme Court to defend liberty but merely ' call balls and strikes '. Or is this a 'cowardly ' side-step meant to dodge a political foul-ball for the Justice Dept.
The word “Coward” is a very harsh, wholly pejorative term. In the military, “coward” is the worst appellation one can apply to a person. Cowards are absolutely anathema to everything the military stands for and expects from its members, especially officers. Thus to label a military officer a coward is as strong a rebuke as it is possible to offer. The only other label that’s in the same league is “traitor”.
By and large, many history buffs agree with the conventional wisdom handed down through time that Gen. George McClellan was a great organizer but a less-than-stellar field commander..thus anoited ' coward '. Not only that, he was a coward with a megalomaniacal Messianic complex.

Actions witnessed this past week by Chief Justice John Roberts eclipse Gen. McClellans epitaph. History will hold, for our ' hyper-hubristic' tactician, two labels for his memoirs ....'Coward + Traitor'. ... synonymous ....

You made history ' Your Honor '...........bad call for a game but nobody was playing.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Freeze, that covered it pretty damn good.