Sunday, September 5, 2010

Want to get a little angry?

Somewhat lengthy video, but it gets good around 2:30.  If this cat was beat down simply because of his obummer sign, then we have a problem!


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

That was most likely the most aggregious attack on free speech I have had the displeasure of witnessing.

I am no fan of LaRoushe but that was very disturbing to say the leasst to me and it should be to all.

What Makes Us Right said...

The guy was obviously a little off his rocker; he may have had one to many at the tailgate. However, I don't believe it warranted the assault he took from rent a cops.

I have heard from fellow blogger SilverFiddle on this, and he reminded me how security forces are trained to take people down. I understand his point, but I still think there is a level of discretion necessary. We are not robots, and we need to be able to think on our feet. These guys didn't!