Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rant; Enough of Stupid Americans- Iranian/ Shourd Case

Call me a curmudgeon but it is what it is,,,,,,,

I have had just about enough of pandering to the parents of Americans who have "hiked" into enemy states.

I am not willing to support stupidity and neither should you.

I could care less as to why they went wherever they got nabbed be it 'humanitatian' or otherwise, the point is they knew where they were going.

How can we as Americans or more specifically Conservatives say ; Do not cross our border ILLEAGALLY yet turn around and chastise Iran for detaining the 'hikers' on the same demand? This is not consistent , which is demanded by conservatism.

Really, I pray for their safe return from Iran, but at the same time think realistically;

-They were 'hiking' in fact in a war zone declared by our government, the theatre of Iraq.

-Add to that, they were 'hiking' along a border with a known enemy of the U.S. since 1979.

Now those two facts alone support my rant but this keeps on being repeated. As an American , which by the way defines a Conservative, I deplore the efforts of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and any other who pay ransom to devils be it N. Korea, Iran or any other shithead murderous nation, this is weakness on our part and for what? Stupid people!

How many times does it take for Americans to STOP rallying to stupid peoples personal mental problems?

People of America had better wake-up and soon, never before have we as a people supported such behavior here in our country and now we ask that others do?

My God think before you speak let alone what you pay for and support!

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Oh how you carry on so ... GOOD JOB!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks Odie,

Carry on? I barely got started with this subject.
There are plenty of examples of morons in our society but vacationing in Iraq????

What Makes Us Right said...

Every time I see this I just shake my head. Why people insist on this type of behavior is beyond me. Worse than their actions, is the ridiculous outcry for their freedom after they broke the laws of another country. I often question their motives for these stupid actions. Let's face it; their are a lot of more scenic places to hike! Legal ones at that.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Yea, I guess a place like Hawaii is out of question for hikers as there is no desert there nor sporadic gunfire and explosions,roadside bombs (IED's), enemy lines, or kidnappings.

And of course Hawaii, beside being very scenic has what would seem to be a very distinct boarder as well.